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"I Drink To Relax"

I don’t have a problem….I drink in moderation, purely to relax after work, unwind when looking after the kids, or to recover from my relationship woes.


"I Have A Drinking Problem"

Most will admit it only briefly, in the silence of their own space. For the briefest of moments, you know that something has to change. Before the addiction clouds things over again.

"I'm Ready For Help"

If you’ve been round in the circle of addiction enough times….if the consequences in your life have caused enough pain already….if you’ve past breaking point… you may be ready for help.


The Best Recovery Possible

"Before my recovery, I felt like the black sheep to be honest - didn't know where I belonged. I was working so hard all along to stay on track, I never realised recovery was making me a better man, father, partner....person. If you work it - it works!"
Recovering Alcoholic

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