Christian Faith-Based Drug And Alcohol Treatment And Recovery

If you have an addiction it can seem almost impossible to think that you will ever be able to escape the clutches of your addiction. Maybe you have tried before to quit by yourself or through an intervention from friends and family and were not successful.

Or maybe you have attended a drug and alcohol rehab treatment recovery program at a traditional treatment facility but it didn’t offer everything that you needed.

Christian faith based programs are an option that should be considered if you are looking for a great recovery program. Priests, pastors, and other Christian leaders have recommended to their parishioners to look to God during their recovery treatment and Christian treatment centers provide services based around faith and belief in a higher power.

christian drug and alcohol recovery and treatment

Using faith to fight fear

Many people that are facing addiction recovery are often afraid after hearing stories from others about the pain associated with recovery like that from withdrawal and the detox process. Currently, there are about twenty one million people that are suffering from a drug or alcohol addiction but only about one percent of them are seeking professional support.

Why choose Christian rehab services

  • Many Christians have stated that they believe that their faith and spirituality have attributed to their recovery and given them the strength to handle the process.
  • Safety and protection. True believers in Christ know that they are never alone and Heavenly Father is always with you through your trials and tribulations. A certain level of safety and protection is implied through this faith.
  • Like minded support system. In Christian treatment centers, you are surrounded by like minded individuals that are working toward the same goal that you are. Knowing that you are not alone in a struggle can help a lot towards reaching your overall goal of sobriety.

What to look for in a good addiction treatment program

  1. What services are offered?

Some treatment programs offer individual sessions with counselors while others offer group treatment or a combination of these two. Some treatment programs are focused around a twelve step program similar to that offered by Alcoholics Anonymous. Many offer the option to have counseling sessions with your family members and loved ones. The best spiritual based treatment programs will have great spiritual principles that they focus on as well as psychological principles.

  1. What spiritual aspects are included in the treatment?

Does the program you are looking at incorporate the faith that you are affiliated with? There are non-denominational Christian programs that may generically cover basic Christian principles and this may fit what you need. But if you are attending a Roman Catholic treatment center and you are a Baptist then the program may not be as effective for you. Some programs will make prayer groups mandatory while others will offer daily church services that you may attend if you want to. Make sure you are comfortable with the services offered.

  1. What faith is practiced at the rehab or recovery center you are considering?

Many recovery centers are based around a particular faith so finding a center that practices your faith and has program staff that follow your faith principles is important to you feeling comfortable at the treatment center.  Recovering from addiction surrounded by practitioners of your own faith can work wonders on your desire to be successful and your comfort level within the walls. Many addicts that start therapy end up checking themselves out of the center before the program is completed because they are not comfortable in their surroundings or feel they are not receiving the support that they desire. So, choosing the best treatment center before starting treatment is imperative or you will have to start all over again at a new center.

  1. What aftercare is given after the addiction treatment period ends?

Support needs to be provided after your treatment to reinforce the principles that you learned while in your program so consider what the aftercare looks like when you are choosing what treatment center you wish to attend. Many centers offer outpatient counseling services and coping techniques for readjusting to life after treatment. Many successful graduates of drug and alcohol recovery programs have claimed repeatedly that their overall success has been due to the support that they received both during and after their recovery program because they were able to relearn how to function during daily living tasks. Aftercare sometimes will help with reconnecting with family members or finding employment to help program graduates get their life back on track.

Some programs will host live in aftercare in the form of halfway houses where you are not fully returned to your life but you are not considered inpatient either. During this period, you are presented with some minor life challenges and may be given a job to go to during the day to get you reacquainted with developing a daily routine. Group sessions or individual counseling sessions are available as needed and you have to live by the house rules in order to stay in the halfway house. No drugs or alcohol are allowed on the premises and visitors are allowed during certain periods of the day.

  1. Holistic or pharmaceutical addiction treatment

Some people in recovery prefer to attend holistic treatment over using a pharmaceutical means for addiction recovery. Sometimes holistic treatments are effective but other times they may actually be detrimental to your overall success. Research the statistics of the center that you are planning to attend to see if graduates of this program have been able to maintain their sobriety long term after leaving treatment. The center should be able to provide you with success stories or you can call advocates for the local Salvation Army or Catholic Charities to see what the reputation of the center is in the local economy. The local chapter of Alcoholic Anonymous or Narcotics Anonymous may have participants that have attended a treatment program before so attending a meeting may be in your best interests.